Exclusive custom-made jewellery


The search for beauty is one of man's aspirations and for me each piece of jewellery expresses the culmination of research, design, and technique.

Suggestions of shapes and colors from distant countries and sharing with my collaborators trace the path of my work.

AR-Jewellery, with all the know-how that distinguishes it, will be part of your special moments with exclusive jewels made in the Italian tradition and offering you the possibility of making custom-made jewels to meet all your needs and desires.

Exclusive custom-made jewellery

With our team, you will be able to create unique jewellery. We are looking forward to meeting you and making your project a reality.

01 Meeting
Antonio Roccabella is at your disposal to realize the object of your desires. A moment spent together to understand, advise and define all the essential aspects to create the dreamed object.
02 Creation
Skilled hands project lines, model wax, melt metals, polish surfaces, set stones to give life to a unique and personal jewel, yours.
03 Delivery
The times of delivery will be agreed together respecting the times of the various phases of the work and the delivery of your jewel will be the consecration of a work made for you. Antonio Roccabella delivers all over the world.
Unique jewellery, exclusive jewellery
A team dedicated to the creation of exclusive and unique jewellery.

Antonio Roccabella
Custom jewellery designer

At your service

Antonio Roccabella accompanies you in the creation of custom-made jewellery. It will advise you through the various stages and will thus enable you to obtain a unique jewel answering your desires.

Custom jewellery creations

If you have a unique jewellery idea, maybe even a sketch and stones. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We proceed by different steps that will allow us to answer precisely to your expectations.

    Please submit a draft of your desired project in PDF or JPG format